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New Release

An Awfully Big Adventure

The first book in a new trilogy of Peter Pan stories

One year has past since Hook’s ‘death’ at the hands of that crocodile. Initially triumphant, the spark has gone out of Peter Pan.

He beat Hook, he won. But it doesn’t feel like it.


Fearing that Pan is going to abandon them for adulthood, the Lost Boys realise there’s only one thing that can bring him to his senses . . . 

the return to Neverland of Captain James Hook.

Could old Hook still be alive? After all, no remains were ever found.

From Neverland to the back streets of London, it’s a dangerous race against time . . . a race to stop Peter Pan from growing up.

Tick-tock, tick-tock . . .

10% of the profits on each copy sold will be donated to

Great Ormond Street Hospital

An Awfully Big Adventure a new sequel to Peter Pan

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The Peoples Friend magazine

‘A fantastic job of keeping the spirit of Peter Pan true to the original, while bringing new adventures to the reader.

A fast-paced, rip-roaring adventure.’

Shout Magazine

‘Really Hooks the reader!’



‘ …Charming and engaging… Entertaining and original… A delightful return to the story of Peter Pan and an intriguing start to a series of novels welcoming a new generation to Neverland. ’

Self Publishing Review

‘Author George R. Mitchell whisks readers back across the stars to Neverland in this new sequel to Peter Pan,

An Awfully Big Adventure. Captain Hook is desperate for redemption and revenge, despite being half-gobbled by a crocodile, while the Lost Boys need a reason to keep Peter around as their fearless and ageless leader.

However, the temptations of the Darling family and the bustling streets of London may cause Peter to grow up faster than expected, leaving Neverland without a hero, and Hook without a nemesis. This respectfully written sequel honours J.M. Barrie's whimsical tone and emotional depth, while exploring timeless themes of responsibility, brotherhood, and the balance of innocence with experience. Fans of the original will be delighted by this take on the classic, taking the timeless characters in new and enchanting directions.’

About The Author

George R Mitchell

Born in Aberdeen, George R Mitchell, is a Scottish newspaper columnist of many years, predominantly writing for the P&J, DC Thomson.

He has travelled extensively in over 80 countries writing mostly on the topics of politics, religion and cultural division.

However, with a lifelong passion for original classic stories, especially Peter Pan, he decided with thanks to lockdowns, to finally write ‘An Awfully Big Adventure.’

It is aimed not just at children from middle grade and up, but young at heart adults who are looking for escapism and nostalgia.


About The Book

What first inspired you to write a sequel to Peter Pan?

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of ‘what happened next?’ By that I mean, I read a wonderful story, but often think, what happens next? It can’t just end there. I want more! Be it ‘A Christmas Carol,’ or especially Peter Pan, I want the original to continue. I actually started the storyboard of my book around 15 years ago. Then put it away and forgot about it. It wasn’t until 2019 that I dug the idea out and finally sat down and wrote it.


Was Peter Pan among your favourite childhood books?

Absolutely. My dad read it to me as a child. And I became hooked. I even played Michael on stage in panto when I was ten. I’ve been in love with the story all my life. For me it’s pure escapism at it’s best.


Do you think we ever really grow up?

I certainly hope not. I’ve no intention of doing so. As someone once said, 'Growing old is mandatory….

but growing up is optional.’


Which of the characters did you enjoy writing about the most and why?

Oh, Hook without a doubt. Sure, he’s bad and wants Peter Pan dead. But he’s also got a vulnerable side, as we all do. He didn’t have it easy as a child, as readers will find out. I feel for him. And I have to admit, I rather like him!

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