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Neverland... or Wanallah

Where does Peter Pan live?

Of course it's that magical island we all know as Neverland. Correct? Well, yes and no...

To the Opacanta, the original humans on 'Neverland,' the island is and will always be known as 'Wanallah.' They used to have the island all to themselves, but now live in a settlement in the far north. They're a quiet people who just want to be left alone.

The mermaids control the waters around Neverland, and the pirates who took over an abandoned whaling station long ago, live in Pirate Cove.

On the far west, cut off by huge mountains is the No-No Zone. This is where the witches live. No one else would dare go there, it's far too dangerous.

As for the Lost Boys and Peter Pan, they live deep in the inner jungle, safe in their tree houses, where no one, especially Hook, can find them.

Can you spot where their secret hideout may be?

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